Fun With Jesus

Having Fun With Jesus?

June 2017

‘If you're not having fun with Jesus, you need to retrace your steps and find out where he got off.’ I came across this quote recently and it made me think; is it OK to "have fun" as a Christian? I know God wants us to enjoy the good things of life. I'm not speaking about that, I'm talking about having fun with the Almighty.

A few weeks back I was given two prophecies by two different people. One was a single word ‘joy’; the other was a picture of a rubber duck - yes, a rubber duck! Just the previous week I'd been thinking about how to be more joyful as a Christian, and my wife Kim suggested I imagine myself 'playing' with Jesus. This took me by surprise and I found it hard to imagine what this might look like. "You know how much you like playing with Oscar. Maybe God wants to show you how to have fun with him", she said.

Now Oscar is my grandson, not quite two years old. He loves playing, I love playing with him, and kids of his age like nothing better than playing with a rubber duck in the bath! One of the great joys of being a parent and grandparent is to watch your kids and grandkids laugh and have fun. When I hear Oscar laugh it makes me want to laugh! I used to tickle my own children until they and I were crying with laughter. Kim even said she'd buy me a rubber duck to keep on my desk, to remind me of what God was saying to me!

Proverbs 15:13 (ESV) says 'A glad heart makes a cheerful face'. Now I don't want to be flippant or superficial about our relationship with God, but so many depictions of Jesus are of a serious, somber looking man. Whereas I believe Jesus laughed a lot, and made people laugh. He was great fun to be with, and was so full of joy that it overflowed to all who came into contact with him - apart from religious people, that is! Don't misunderstand me, I know that joy and fun are not the same thing; I get that. And I do understand that sometimes life isn't fun - far from it. The Christian life isn't always fun, though it should ALWAYS be joyful.

I believe in a God who is constantly rejoices over us. He dances and sings over us! He is the author of life, and he wants our lives to be filled with joy, fun, passion and enthusiasm. Life in all its fullness, as Jesus described it in John's Gospel. If God has so designed us that we get great pleasure from playing with our children, what does this tell us about how he sees us? And about how he wants us to see him? Go on, I challenge you. Start to imagine what having fun with Jesus might look like for you. I'll happily lend you my rubber duck if it helps…