Hoping For The Best

Hoping For The Best

Are you hoping for the best...or hoping for the BEST!

I was chatting to a friend the other day. He said that he used to be someone who 'hoped for the best' when he faced a challenging situation, but that he had come to the realisation that as a Christian this was a totally inadequate view of hope. He shared a great quote that he'd come across recently;  'Hope is the joyful expectation of good things.'

You see, what people really mean when they say, "I'm hoping for the best" is"'I hope things workout OK" or "I'm hoping things don't go wrong." We rarely expect the best to happen. And yet as Christians we should be a people who hope for and, dare I say it, expect the best to happen. After all, we have a God who works all things for good, 'In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose' (Romans 8:28). The question is, how good is God's 'good'? I would suggest that God's goodness is the best!

Now the two words in that verse, 'all things', are key. They mean...well...all things! Every situation, every circumstance, every difficulty, every problem, every sickness, every disappointment, every failure, every mistake, every regret, every wrong decision. Not just some things, most things or nearly everything, but ALL things! Most of us when we read this think there must be exceptions to this verse in our lives. But read it again; there's not a single thing in your life that God doesn't either send into your life or use for your good. And Paul, who wrote this scripture, knew what he was talking about. He was someone who suffered terribly and knew all about adversity and hardship. Yet he was still able to declare that God works all things for good!

That's not to say that only good things are going to happen to us, because clearly that isn't the case...just ask Paul! Nor does it absolve us of our responsibility to live in obedience to God, to put things right with Him when we sin and to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. But God is so good that even when bad things happen, or we mess up, He will still work things for our good. Because it's all about his grace. God is relentlessly and passionately good to us.

What is the level of expectation in your life at the moment? What are you believing for or hoping for? Are you merely hoping for the best, or are you hoping for 'THE BEST'?  Don't let the enemy rob you of your inheritance. If hope truly is the joyful expectation of good things, and if God is the giver of all good gifts, why not start believing now for the very best from Him?